Rapeseed blossom Tempura

Rapeseed blossom Tempura

This colorful tempura with great texture is a spring dish loved by Kyoto.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

  • Rapeseed Blossom … 10
  • Egg … 1/2
  • Flour … 150ml
  • Cold water … 100ml
  • Frying oil … appropriate amount
  • Salt … 5 g

How to make

  1. Carefully wash the rapeseed blossoms and dry.
  2. Make the tempura clothing by pouring cold water into the mixed egg in a bowl and add flour and mix lightly.
  3. Put oil in a fryer about 2 cm deep and set the oil temperature to 160 degrees.
  4. Put the rapeseed blossoms in the tempura mix of 2 and fry with 3’s oil. When the outer layer becomes crispy, turn over and fry more.
  5. Lay cooking sheet on bowl, and serve 4 and add salt.