What is Kyoto Brand Product (Kyoto Mark)?

Among Kyoto vegetables and other agricultural, forestry and fishery products, 31 products are certified as “Kyoto Brand Product”, which are guaranteed to be superior in quality, and have been produced through safe production method, where they then get distributed brand marked products. That is the ‘Kyoto Brand Product” mark (Kyoto Mark).

The “Kyoto Brand Product” mark (Kyoto Mark) has the letter “K”, corresponding to the initial letter of Kyoto, and also symbolises the rich products of Kyoto’s “agriculture”, “forestry” and “fishery” are represented with three circles, and the three lines represent “Earth”, “Water”, and “Sun”.
Please feel free to use the “mark of delicacy and trust”.

Relationship diagram of traditional vegetables of Kyoto and Kyoto Brand Products

Definition of Traditional Vegetables of Kyoto

March 1988, Kyoto Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

  1. Introduced before the Meiji period.
  2. Kyoto prefecture is the subject.
  3. Includes bamboo shoots.
  4. Excludes mushrooms and ferns.
  5. Includes cultivated or preserved, and extinct species.

Kyoto Brand Products

Products of agriculture, forestry and fishery are carefully selected and certified by The Association of Kyoto Furusato (Public Corporation), produced and based on the “Kyoto Production Certification System”(*), which is safe, secure, and environmentally friendly.

(Public Corporation) Kyo-Furusato Native Products Association issues certifications.

  1. It has an image of Kyoto
  2. It is necessary to expand sales of things beyond (1)
  3. Meets the following requirements:
    • Proper quantity of shipping unit
    • Unified quality and standard
    • There are elements of superiority and originality compared among other local production areas.

* Features of Kyoto Production Certification System

  • Environmentally friendly agricultural methods with reduced use of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers (Kyoto special cultivation guidelines).(Kyoto Prefecture Cultivation Guidelines)
  • Cultivation status and bookkeeping carried out by certified inspectors.
  • Agricultural products where the face of the producer can be seen by disclosing information.

How the Certification System Works

There are many characteristics with rich history of the agricultural, forestry, and fishery products, that been produced using improved techniques in various parts of Kyoto prefecture. With the increasing competition of imported goods among agricultural, forestry and fishery products, we are working on production methods that values the safety and the environment, and we are promoting the production of agricultural, forestry and fishery products in Kyoto prefecture, known for its particularly excellent quality. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries have been promoting ‘Kyoto Brand Products’ and began promoting it as part of ‘Brand Certification Project” since 1989, in an effort to strongly appeal to the markets and consumers.