Restaurants Offering Seasonal Kyo-Yasai

Since the establishment of the Heian capital, Kyoto has flourished as a political and cultural center for more than 1200 years, demanding fresh and tasty vegetables. Due to the favorable climate and the originality and ingenuity of the farmers, many excellent Kyoto vegetables (Kyo-Yasai) were produced as valuable ingredients, supporting the “food culture” of Kyoto, which even now lives on in every corner, from high class restaurants to family cooking. The “Restaurants Offering Seasonal Kyo-Yasai” is certified by the Kyo-No-Furusato-Sanpinkyokai, Kyoto’s products association since 1997. You can find such vegetables not only in Kyoto and other Japanese cuisines, but also in French, Italian cuisines and other styles of cooking. Give it a try!

*193 Stores within Kyoto Prefecture.
51 Stores within certain areas of Tokyo Metropolitan area.
Total: 244 stores(as of October, 2017)

Kyoto City