Kyoto Kokabu in Minced Meat Sauce

Kyoto Kokabu in Minced Meat Sauce

Well cooked Kokabu served in thick sauce with ground chicken

Ingredients (2 servings)

  • 2 Kyoto Kokabu
  • 50g ground chicken
  • 1/4 Yuzu citrus (yellow)
  • 300ml Dashi stock
  • 50ml Sake
  • 30ml potato starch solution (potato starch 1: water 2)
  • (A)
    20ml Mirin
    20ml sugar
    20ml light soy sauce


  1. (1) Cut Kyoto Kokabu leaves into 1cm in length, thickly peel the skin, and then cut into 4-part wedges.
  2. (2) Wash the Kyoto Kokabu from (1) lightly, put in Dashi stock to cook. Once it is well cooked, add (A).
  3. (3) Combine the chicken and Sake, and cook together until nice and crumbly.
  4. (4) Add leaves from (1) into (2) once the Kyoto Kokabu nice and tender. Then add the minced meat from (3) along with the potato starch solution and let it simmer until the sauce becomes a thick consistency.
  5. (5) To serve, place Kyoto Kokabu into a serving dish, then gently ladle the thick sauce from above, and garnich with fine slivers of Yuzu peels.